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About Ninai Agro Pvt Ltd.


Ninai Agro Pvt. Ltd. (NAPL) was formed by group of likeminded individuals in 2004 with a common aim to provide superior, affordable but innovative techniques to the farming community. NAPL has indeed improved the farming habitat a great deal during its tenure. The honorary founder members of NAPL as listed below are closely associated with the field of agriculture, manufacture and marketing of agriculture inputs for some time.

  1. Dr. D.D. Salunkhe, Chairman : An able administrator, he is a Post Graduate and holds Doctorate in Management
    and Administration. He has been associated with Dr. B.S. Konkan Agriculture University
    and other such agriculture institutes.

  2. Mr. S.R. Tambe, M.D. : A young and dynamic entrepreneur and a very successful businessman.
    He mainly takes care of the manufacturing, financial aspects and sales.

  3. Mr. R.K. Tambe, Director : A law graduate and retired Government officer.
    He is specialized in company affairs and taxation.

  4. Dr. A.G. Purandare, Tech. Director : Renowned and respected personality in the field of soil Microbiology. His research and
    papers on Intracortical Azotobacter are widely acknowledged.


NAPL also has a dedicated and skilled team of Soil Microbiologists who are continuously striving for better agro inputs through their painstaking R & D. NAPL has a well-equipped laboratory, the outcome of which, are bioorganic and bio fertilizers than just organic fertilizers. Our objective is to enhance the quality of the soil because we strongly believe that better soil yields better quality plant and crops. At NAPL, we always strive for better technologies, which are affordable, cost effective and easy to use.