NAPL approached the Microbiology Department of University of Pune with their idea of developing a consortium of efficient microbes in liquid form which would assist the growth of plant as well as enhance the quality of soil, leading to good quality crops and sustainable farming. Microbiology Department of University of Pune appreciated this concept and showed keen interest in developing such a product. After thorough research and extensive field trials, ProTec™ was introduced.
ProTec™ is purely a bio soil vitalizer in liquid form.
It has been very well-accepted in the field of organic agriculture and export oriented farms. Salient features of ProTec.
ProTec™ has three crop specific variants viz. Grape, Mango and Vegetable (General)


Salient features of ProTecTM

  • A liquid consortium of microbes easy to carry and apply

  • The efficient live microbes which, help in different activities beneficial to the plants

  • Nitrogen fixing: Makes the atmospheric N2 available to the plants

  • Phosphate Solubilisation: Makes non-soluble P soluble and available to the plants

  • Fungal inhibition: Eradicates harmful fungus e.g. Fusarium, Pythium etc.

  • Micronutrients mobilization: Makes micro-nutrients available to the plants

  • Hormone Production: Produces growth promoters e.g. I.A.A.

  • Decomposition: Decomposes organic matter in soil

  • Helps to balance the soil, both physically (EC) and chemically (pH)

Consistent use can help reduce soil compaction and salinity; and help plants obtain nutrients more efficiently.
ProTec™ helps restore soil microbial activity and diversity.
ProTec™ can be a valuable complement to both organic and inorganic fertility programs.
ProTec™ is approved for organic farming operations as a certified organic input.