Proto-Golf is exclusively developed for Golf turfs, Sports Grounds and Lawns. Globalization and economic progress has changed the concepts of leisure, recreation and sports in India. Golf and Sports grounds and Landscaping and Gardening have become an integral and essential part of residential and commercial developments. Lawns and Turfs are mainstay of all these activities. The most difficult, costly and labourious part is to develop and maintain them. Proto-Golf has been exclusively developed for Golf turfs, Sports Grounds and Lawns and to take care of the problems experienced by green-keepers, curators and landscapers. It is a bio-organic soil input.


Advantages of PROTO-GOLFTM


The use of Proto-Golf in golf turfs and sports grounds has some distinct advantages over the use of any other organic soil input, especially FYM, cow dung compost, manures and vermi-compost

  • Prepared from fermented sterile microbial biomass, hence absolutely weed free. No expenditure on weeding

  • The decomposing process of base material of Proto-Golf is through a thermophilic stage, to a mesophilic stabilization phase, the same as recommended under the USGA norms for selection of Organic Matter for Root Zone Mix

  • Keeps the turf adequately moist for longer time hence less watering and saving on irrigation by at least 10%

  • Quicker Divot recovery

  • Prevents occurrence of LDS (Localized Dry Spots)

  • Stabilizes pH, enhances uptake of nutrients by 25% to 30% and eradicates soil borne pathogens

  • Ideal for Top Dressing Mix